16 October 2008

Horse cruelty - Why???

I had the privilege of meeting Mick not that long ago to help him with manners and spookyness. Mick is a 15.2HH TB gelding aged 9 who has had a pretty rough time in periods of his life.

He had been passed from pillar to post on numerous occasions and on one of these occasions 'miss-behaved' for his owner who decided that the best course of action was to smash him in the face with a shovel or spade.
You can clearly see the damage that this mindless idiot caused and I can only imagine the suffering that Mick experienced.

Mick needed a number of operations to reconstruct his skull, have a dislodged molar tooth removed and also at one point a tracheostomy.

I hope and pray that the person who caused this was made to pay all the vets bills in full and then locked up in prison where the other Bigger Bully Boys could treat him in a similar fashion.

For all the unpleasant experiences that Mick has under gone at the hands of humans he has proved himself to be a far bigger man than most humans I have met. He has such a forgiving nature that he allowed me to introduce him to spookables and scarries without prejudice. At one point I was waving a stick around and touching him all over with it. Had he not been so forgiving I doubt I would have got within 10 metres of him with that stick.

I thank Micks owner 'L' for allowing me to meet him and I am sure Mick has a full and happy life ahead of him. Mostly I thank Mick for allowing me the privilege of spending time with him.


Mrs Mom said...

Oh wow... poor fellow. My wish is that the jagoff that did that. meet the same exact fate.

All in good time. One way or another, there IS justice in the world.

Mick is living proof that the best revenge sometimes is LIVING WELL!

Thanks for sharing his story with us.

Tinseltown said...

Poor, poor thing... who could ever do something like that?

I am happy he is in a better home now. No horse deserves that...

Sally B said...

Couldn't you just grab a shovel and go show the old owner how it feels.

Have stumbled your post and hope the whole world comes to see what this idiot did to that beautiful horse.

Sarah said...

But why is it that some horses can go through things like that and come out trusting humans yet other horses who have never been harmed never seem to trust us?

Steve. said...

Lots of reasons I guess.

How was the foal introduced to humans?
Has the horse been passed from pillar to post and back again?
Has the horse had constistant reliable handling?
Is the horse in pain or discomfort?
Is the handler emotionaly stable?

I could go on and on with loads of possibilities, I think the main thing to remember is that a horse behaves like a horse. If and when a horse behaves in an unexpected manner there is always a reason, it's up to us to find that reason and help the horse through it.